The yarns used for BATONER’s knitwears are created at the same spinning factory in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. Spinning is a process that becomes the base of everything related to yarns, which twists the raw material fibers and creates the shape of the yarns by stretching it. The high-quality natural yarns spun using the techniques that are considered to be one of the best in Japan creates the soft texture BATONER is known for.

  1. 1. Materials
  2. 2. Dyeing
  3. 3. Gauge


Cashmere taken from cashmere goat. Wool from animal fiber including sheep, angora, and alpaca.
Cotton made from cotton of plants, and linen made from flax. There are many kinds of materials that will be the source of the yarns.
The various expressions of BATONER’s knitwears are created by carefully examining these materials and using it for different purposes.


Knitwears can be worn for a long time when it is diligently maintained using accurate knowledge. Pilling becomes less likely by brushing it without rubbing it as if removing the dust. It is also important to rest it if after wearing it once. Mildew can be prevented by storing it after diffusing the absorbed moisture. When washing it, please carefully check the washing graphic display.


The dyeing of the yarns is also done through thorough planning by the dyeing factories in Sagae City and the dyeing factories in Yamanobe Town near the City.
Pattern dyeing close to an infinite number of patterns becomes possible by combining computer controlled dyes in comma units with skein dyeing that dye the yarn in bundles, cheese dyeing done when it is skeined as a cone, and piece dyeing technique that dyes knitwear that has become a product.


Although it may not be so familiar, the word, gauge represents the unit of needle used for knitting.
It signifies how many needles are in an inch. Seven needles in an inch for seven gauges and 21 needles in an inch for 21 gauges are spread all over.
If the number is small, the low gauge knit knitted roughly is created. If the number isf large, a finely knitted high gauge knit is created.


The high gauge knit knitted finely and densely gives a refined and elegant impression.
For BATONER, it is used mainly for products such as T-shirts, cardigans, and undergarments.


Middle gauge knitwears that are in the middle of high gauge and low gauge knitwears come in handy as it is not too thin or thick and has an optimal volume.


The roughly knitted low gauge knit that clearly shows the unevenness has a warm and soft atmosphere.
The knitwear, such as Alan sweaters and Nordic sweaters are useful in winter.