The knitwear brand, BATONER was created in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture in 2013.
It started as a brand of OKUYAMA MERIYASU located in Yamagata Prefecture which is known as the production area for knitwears.
It has been in charge of various Maison brands and apparel makers.
It manages all the processes with high-quality from raw materials to products and completes the knitwears sent out to the world.
We will continue to create things that will be passed on to the next generation, having the motivation to pursue higher quality and the technology and tradition Japan boasts to the world.

OKUYAMA MERIYASU that was founded in 1951 is located in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture.
The area that is surrounded by famous peaks including Mt. Hayama, Mt. Gasaan, and Mt. Asahi and where clear streams flow nearby, is also known as the sacred ground of knitwears where wool production and spinning were once popular.
It has received contracts for products boasting high-quality by the neighboring artisans keeping in close contact, such as spinning factories that weave yarn and dyeing factories that dye the yarn.
BATONER looks to the future to pass on what our predecessors have built up to the next generation without losing it.
We are daily refining our techniques until the day comes when it is recognized as a knitwear Japan boasts to the world.