Since more than 60 years of its establishment, the know-how and techniques OKUYAMA MERIYASU has cultivated are alive in BATONER’s products. When broadly classified, knitwears are completed in five processes of knitting, linking, stitching, pressing, and checking. BATONER’s craftsmanship manifests itself by combining one of the best machines in the world, handwork that has not changed since the old days, and the experience and knowledge of the artisans. BATONER’s mission is to handle the products with care without losing focus from yarns that are raw materials to the moment it is delivered to our customers.

  1. 1. Knitting
  2. 2. Linking
  3. 3. Stitching
  4. 4. Pressing
  5. 5. Checking


We use a technology called form-knitting for the process of knitting each part which becomes the prototype of the yarns becoming knitwears.
By using various gauge needles, we create products with many variations, such as low gauge knits with a sturdy and bulky appearance and high gauge knit with a lightweight comfort.


The process of connecting each part by hand such as the front body, back body, sleeves, and the collar is called linking.
Although it takes a lot of time as it is detailed work, the seam will not stand out, and accurate pattern matching also becomes possible.
It is a valuable sewing technique, as artisans who can perform linking are currently decreasing.


Stitching is an indispensable work when knitting knitwears.
It cuts extra yarns and puts back yarns into the knitted fabric that will inevitably protrude in the process of knitting, using tolls called scissors, tweezer, needle threader, latch needle, and ripper.
By doing so, the fray of the yarn disappears, and a sturdy knitwear with a beautiful appearance is made.


Knitwears are not completed even after the shape is completed.
A process of damping the yarn tissues with water and applying heat and pressure called fulling is applied. It is then pressed with an iron using various molds.
It is a sensuous finishing work applied by artisans that create accurate dimensions that change with fulling, in addition to the intended designs and textures.


The last process applied is checking. We check each piece with our own eyes whether the knitted fabric is loose or whether it has scratches or stains.
If there are no problems, it is recognized as a product for the first time which is then shipped.
The quality of BATONER is maintained by artisans carefully applying each of these processes by their own hands.